What does Dr. Pranab Mandal Specialises in ?

He has managed a wide spectrum of General Surgical cases in his career.

He has special interest in managing all types of Hernia….both Laprascopic and Open.

Notably Hernia management has radically changed in last 10 years…The age old concept of just dissecting and putting a mesh with adequate overlap is not enough.

The field of hernia repair is now called Abdominal Wall Repair. The entire approach has been modified and our understanding has gone a huge overhaul.

Hernia treatment has revolutionized .

Laprascopic Gall Bladder Surgery and Appendectomy.


Anal fistula s are notorious for recurrence.

People run around multiple treatment modalities….Chandsi to Laser.

Only minute and detailed understanding of the anatomy and disease progression can help in deciding the exact treatment modality and hence good treatment outcome.