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Dr. Pranab Mandal

Consultant General and Laparoscopic Surgeon in Kolkata

Dr Pranab Mandal is a Senior Consultant General, GI, and Laprascopic Surgeon with more than 15 years of experience in performing General and GI Surgeries both open and Laprascopic.

He has extensive experience in performing complex Abdominal Wall Repairs (AWR/HERNIA), Complex Hepatobiliary, Breast, Colorectal, Thyroid, Varicose Veins, and Proctology.

He is a certified Laparoscopic Surgeon and has authored a number of Research Publications on various topics of GI Surgery and HERNIA.

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15 years Experience
Dr. Pranab Mandal -Consultant General and Laparoscopic Surgeon in Kolkata

Area of Expertise

Area of Expertise:

  • HERNIA/ABDOMINAL WALL REPAIRS:Well trained to do all types of Hernia... Complex, Recurrent.
    Hernia s with Loss of Domain...
    Inguinal, Ventral, Incisional .
    Treated both Open and Laprascopic.
    Transversus Abdominis Release (TAR), TAPP, e TEP, TEP, IPOM Plus, Components separation.
  • Fistula/Fissure/Haemorrhoids:People visit for various causes bleeding per rectum/ bleeding during passage of stool, Pain and difficulty in defecation and various types of fistulas including recurrent and re recurrent ones
  • Laprascopic Gall stones/CBD EXPLORATION/ Appendectomy
  • Breast Cancer
  • Thyroid Swellings and Thyroid Cancer Surgery
  • Stomach, Colon and Pancreas Surgery
  • Emergency and Trauma Surgery.

Dr. Mandal's Core Competencies


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